Sunday, December 19, 2010


Thor on my lap, 12 weeks old, post-op
and recuperating from exploratory stomach surgery
LIFE. You should have seen the contortions I got into with my camera to capture this photo of Thor while he slept in my lap faced away from me. It was all I could do stretch my arm long enough to frame his face. This is one of about five chance photos taken. I could not see the camera screen and feel lucky to have captured one good photo out of the five. Post-operative Thor loves snuggling into my lap after eating, and I hold him there to make sure he is quiet until his stomach settles down after he eats. Each small meal every two hours brings on hiccups. We'll see the vet again on Monday for the 7-day post-op checkup, and I hope we can increase the amount of Thor's food intake thus lengthening the time between feedings.

My studio time is on hold until after Christmas when I will be painting fervently.