Monday, December 13, 2010

Reason for the Season

LIFE. There are times when I wonder about Blogger reposting old blogs to a new date after I made a couple of revisions to the tag lines. For instance, that last post "Blessings" was written and originally posted over a year ago. Suddenly, the post made its way to the top of my blog.   Maybe I'm being reminded to check my list and remember the real reason for the season. Today I must finish a pencil portrait drawing for an Arizona collector. I visited Dad over the weekend and took drawing board, pencils, etc. I made good progress but got little sleep trying to meet my Monday deadline. Then the drive home. My body is feeling the effects of the years. I could do nothing more than sleep once home again on Sunday afternoon. Hmmm ... maybe if I swallow a vitamin B+ tab and a Tylenol this morning I can get the body moving and back to the drawing board. Still have some Christmas shopping to do, food to purchase, bills to pay and regular work days ahead this week. December may as well be off the calendar. Year 2010 is all but over ... may as well be over. If 2011 goes any faster, I'd best start my Christmas shopping in February. There are times (and this year is one of them) when I would rather forget all the hoopla and the seasonal commercial frenzy and just have a simple Christmas to remember the reason for the season. Where on earth has my holiday spirit gone?