Friday, April 1, 2011

Laugh a Little! Boxer Watercolor Sketch. Love, Hope, Faith.

Patience with others is Love. Patience with self is Hope. Patience with God is Faith.
Adel Bestavros

Laugh a Little
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ART. Laugh a Little, watercolor and pencil study sketch of boxer dog, 6x6 inches.
LIFE. Son is down with a cold/flu. Grandson has a doctor appointment to xray the rods in his arm to check the bone growth. I may be taking him to that appointment shortly. My "to do list" grows with work/studio and maintenance needing done around the house. So what else is new this morning? I redesigned and simplified the One Painting a Day blog. Thor puppy has discovered a craving for eating anything green, no matter that he may be eating a plant on the Poisonous to Pets list that was growing already in my garden before getting the puppy. I hope he outgrows that craving soon. Thor is tall enough now that he has discovered the top of  the dining table. Crazy puppy is just like a child. Needs his naps but doesn't want to go down for them. There are too many new and exciting things outside that have appeared with the warmer days. Son just called and said he is feeling well enough to drive Grandson to the doctor, so I will get started on my To Do List now. Have a great day!

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