Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birds and More Birds

What does it mean to see a turkey vulture walking in your neighbor's front yard? That is what I saw today as I was driving home from the supermarket. A lone vulture walking and looking.

The vulture is said to be the Golden Purifier. The Golden Purifer represents Compassion.

The link above describes vulture as totem. I don't see them frequently enough to claim vulture as my bird totem, but the article about Native American meanings is interesting.

Four Calling Birds

Typically when I see a bird, I see a Cardinal. Three days ago I saw a Blue Jay, the first I've seen flying across my back yard. Last week Dad and I saw a hawk circling as we sat and gazed at the blue sky overhead. Dad thought it was an eagle. Maybe it was. He would know better than I. 

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V. Bridges Hoyt