Monday, June 4, 2012

The Road Ahead

copyright V. Bridges Hoyt 2012
watercolor and ink
8x10 inches 
[Note: My painting "The Road Ahead" was completed on June 9.]

° ° °

A cat mews somewhere in the darkness outside the bedroom window. Thor hears the meow and wakes me. Four-thirty. Five-thirty. I am sleepy and sleepless. If only I can find energy enough to paint, I know painting will lift me as it has in times past. Painting is therapeutic. Transforming a blank canvas or board to represent a piece of my life works me through stress or sorrow. I did not paint while Dad was here with me, but painting time is near.

On our last drive through the pasture to look at cows, Dad wanted to drive through the woods to the back side of the farm. We did. What appears to be a curve in the road ahead is actually a small pond. The road curves to the left and narrows as it crosses the dam. Dad chuckled as I maneuvered the Jeep across that narrow dam. You can click back to view the reference photo I've added at the top of my blog entry A Man of Principle