Monday, August 10, 2015

Colored Pencil Drawing of Clematis Flower. Good Plans Aside. Tomorrow is Another Day.

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Colored Pencil Drawing of Clematis Flower
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The good news is that the clematis and crape myrtles are loving the heat and humidity.

My intentions to blog early this morning were interrupted by the Boxer dog. Thor had to have his walk before 8:00 am while the air was still relatively cool, 82 F to be exact. I had great plans for accomplishing a long list of tasks today, but Murphy had other plans. By 9:30 I realized the air conditioner compressor was not exchanging hot air for cold air. I turned off the unit, called the repairman to come back again (he was here last week for a compressor that wouldn't run at all), and I loaded Thor into the car to deliver him to my son's house.

On the way back home, I noticed old Jezebel Jeep's "check engine" light was still glowing yellow and decided to drop the car off at a neighborhood mechanic who would give me a ride home to the house.

Once home, I planned to write a blog post about the dog who isn't as lucky as Thor, walked up the stairs, and decided with the heat in the house that I need to shut down the computer. Years ago the rule was that heat was bad for computers and they were best kept in cool rooms. I'm thinking the heat couldn't be good for today's desktop models either. This room is not cool. I think it's hotter in here than outside where a slight breeze is blowing. I'm shutting down the computer now in hopes of soon having an AC that cools the house again, and this time I hope the fix holds because I'm feeling way too hot.

Tomorrow is another day.

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