Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving, Life, Loss, Recovery, Dogwood, Watercolor, Painting, Vernita Bridges Hoyt

I am thankful for a wide variety of interests and a wide variety of activities. From my day job to the studio easel to managing/coordinating the Artists of Texas events to showing art in the DaVinci Artists Gallery and entering some art competitions, my life is filled and feeling good. 

Dogwood • watercolor and ink • 4 x 4 inches
Available here

I haven't painted much this year. It has not been a year of daily paintings as it was in 2006 - 2010, but my heart is whole and my soul has healed from the loss of my dear one in July of 2001. If you are in the midst of grief, please go easy on yourself. Healing takes longer for some than for others. We are all different. Recovery does come.

Today's Quote

Believe you can and you're half way there.
—Theodore Roosevelt

As a child, I was reprimanded for daydreaming. Today my daydreams morph into paintings.  V. Bridges Hoyt — painting the sauce of Texas™. 
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