Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Empty Chairs, Red Chairs

Sometimes life gets in the way.

The Empty Chair, unfinished, not for sale

Life gets in the way of good intentions. This small watercolor sketch was begun after my daddy's death in 2012. Back then I had a difficult time finishing a painting. Subconsciously the empty ghosted chair was symbolic of his fading away. I can see that now. I couldn't see it then. 

Shortly thereafter, I purchased a couple of red plastic lawn chairs in the same style as the one in the painting. Again, symbolically they represented both my parents who were no longer here. The red chairs faded quickly in the strong Texas sunlight. I can't help but think of the similarity to the ghosted empty chair in the unfinished sketch above. 

Sometimes life gets in the way. When you experience loss or unexpected changes due to weather or other natural phenomena and your plans go awry, continue to move forward. Nothing lasts forever and what goes around comes around again. Be ready for the opportunity when it approaches. 

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