Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Fixing Fences

Here we are again (so soon) in another new year. This year I am determined to paint more of the images that are stacking up in my mind. To do that, I'll have to paint more regularly. To do that, I'll have to give painting even more of a priority. I bought a Roger Marz Weekly Planner for 2007. His sketches are inspiring. They remind me that daily art doesn't have to be photo-realistic or finished. It just has to be. I can build my daily art habit by sketching or drawing until I reach the point of putting a finished artwork on canvas. My resolution is simply this: Give art some time every day and build an inventory of artwork that collages my life. I wanted to do this last year, and I did paint more even though life prevented me from painting as much as I wanted to paint. However, during that Year of Detour (as I think of it), I photographed so many landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, flowers, and scenes of memories from my younger life, cattle, barns, farm equipment, people, etc. that it really became a year of research or exploration for paintings I want to do this year.

The sketch included here is of my two nephews who were repairing a barbed wire fence. It reminds me of how we need to be aware of fixing the fences of life. Helping others. Smiling at loved ones first, then strangers. Using the talents God gave us.
Happy New Year!