Friday, December 29, 2006

What a Blessing! What a Christmas Gift!

Brooke is rolling with JOY!

I just returned from the vet clinic with Border Collie Brooke who is featured on the postage stamp in the previous post. Today she had the final blood test of the heartworm treatment process, and she was found to be HEARTWORM FREE!!!

Thanks to all of you who offered your prayers, bought paintings, contributed your painting sales, and sent money directly to Brooke's Fund at True Blue Animal Rescue. You deserve the credit for Brooke's recovery from heartworms. This beautiful and sweet Border Collie can now live heartworm free. In the four months since her rescue in September, Brooke has been on some kind of medical treatment continually; first, it was the six week treatment of sarcoptic mange and the secondary bacterial skin infections associated with that, and then the heartworm cure.

What a blessing you all have been to Brooke! What a Christmas gift! Thank you.

Brooke opening her Christmas gift of home made doggy biscuits!