Friday, April 6, 2007

Follow the Flow

Blog changes continue. I've added background and text colors that relate to my web site. Soon I'll be adding a sidebar list of a few books I've read ... and a quote of the week from one of the books.

I am currently reading Martha Beck's Finding Your Own North Star. As synchronicity would have it, this morning's chapter was about change. I give you this quote:

If you leave a puddle of water standing for a few days, it will become poisonous and nasty, ridden with algae and bug larvae. On the other hand, you can get fresh, clean drinking water from a spring that has been running for a thousand years. People who actually pursue change are guaranteed to die young. They are like flowing water, forever refreshed and refreshing.... To be like water flowing, you have to relax into every experience that comes your way. If you want to keep your good memory, creativity, and analytical edge, keep putting yourself into situations that flummox you.

No problem, Martha. My life, and probably the life of most of you reading, has been filled with change--some planned but the greater ones unexpected--and I am yet reminded again to go with the flow, bend with the wind, and then to pursue more change to keep my mind fresh. So that's the way life goes. We grow or we stagnate.

One of my recent challenges has been self-made. I am trying my hand at pastels again after many years. The painting "Two Roses and a Bud" is for my mom. A bit late. I will not sell this one. In my mind the three roses represent her three children, my brothers and myself. Mom was the one in our family who encouraged me to paint. This one is for her. She would have liked it. I am trying something new. I am challenging myself to grow. It isn't finished yet, but you can follow the progress by clicking here. Then read  the index for more links.