Monday, March 3, 2008

Barnyard Full of Bull

The birthday painting is now complete. This is the Beefmaster bull calf that was in the barn lot last year. He would be grown now. Dad saw the unfinished painting on February 10. Now I can present him with the final version framed. 

I hope soon that I will find my muse again, or the muse will find me. She seems to have been off on a vacation somewhere in the sunshine while I worked my way through the cloudy days of winter. Aside from this one, the Dalmatian "Puppy Breath" and another Dachshund in Hat, I haven't painted much this year.

Saturday brought such a pleasant surprise. My Arkansas cousins, Lamar and Lynda, stopped by the studio. It was such a joy to visit with them again.
I am hoping to get back to the daily painting routine soon. You can watch for my progress at the blog: One Painting a Day