Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Study of Cat and another Work-in-Progress

Trying to pacify my muse again, I picked up a small set of acrylic paints used only once before. The muse is here begging me to paint, but because of other activities and responsibilities I put her off. Promising her I would paint something, I agreed to try the acrylics which dry quickly. Last night I did this quick study of a cat. I might paint a larger, more detailed version at some time in the future, or I might print this one on note cards. Click here for how to purchase.

© Vernita Bridges-Hoyt 2008

Although painted in a completely different style of loose and flowing paint, the cat model was Zarr, the Maine Coon used in my mixed media painting published on the cover of Today's Pet News last year (see below).

© Vernita Bridges-Hoyt 2007

I seem to be focused on cats this week. I've begun another one of a cat with tulips. This cat reference was provided by one of the wonderful rescuers at Save the Dalmatians. I've taken a bit of artistic license to combine the reference with  my beautiful purple tulips. The image below is a preview of the work in progress. I will show more of this oil painting as it progresses.

© Vernita Bridges-Hoyt 2008
With stolen minutes, I will paint this one in bits and pieces until I can show you the finished artwork. Painting something daily, no matter how small, keeps the muse happy. Painting is not just something I want to do. It's something I have to do. It's who I am.
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