Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Squirrel with Pear

This was an impromptu sketch of a squirrel in the tree outside my window at the farm. I took several reference photos for later studio work, then decided to do a quick life sketch of the little fellow who seemed to be happily posing for me.

The squirrel scampered across the yard carrying what looked like a green pear in his mouth. It was nearly as big as he was. How he could carry the weight of that load clenched between his teeth is a mystery. Once he reached the tree trunk, he scurried up it and never let go of the pear until finding just the right branch. I watched the squirrel for several minutes. He would nibble, then look at me, nibble some more, look at me, so forth and so on.

detail of squirrel sketch above

Please watch the Art Helping Animals art blog for more info on this pastel sketch.