Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life Lessons

The Good Good Pig accompanied me to the farm. Sent to me by a friend, this book by Sy Montgomery became my bedtime ritual for seven nights. You might ask what lessons could be learned from a pet pig who lived out his natural life of fourteen years. 

   Christopher Hogwood ... "was a big Buddha master for us. He taught us how to love. How to love what life gives you--to love your slops. What a soul!" she said. "He was a being of pure love." ... Christopher Hogwood knew how to relish the juicy savor of this fragrant, abundant, sweet, green world.... that a pig did not become bacon but lived fourteen years, pampered and adored till the day he died peacefully in his sleep--that's proof that we need not "be practical" all the time. We need not accept the rules that our society or species, family or fate seem to have written for us. We can choose a new way. We have the power to transform a story of sorrow into a story of healing. We can choose life over death. We can let love lead us home. 

I will pass this book on to another friend. The first person to email me will be the recipient of this used/very good condition book, The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery. It's a book I could hardly put down. -- Email me here:

Preview: Pigtails #3

work-in-progress detail of Pigtails #3


I am working on #3 of the Pigtails series. This one is larger at 9"x12" size but is still pastel and colored pencil on toned paper. I'm having so much fun with the piggy paintings as they remind me of a time in my youth when Dad raised pigs. My dad even got into the spirit of this one and offered a color/composition solution, but you'll have to wait to see the finish.

1st progress image of Pigtails #3

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