Saturday, July 26, 2008

The 2nd Portrait of Jenny

I approached the second portrait with a free form sketch in oil (see step 1 of the small images) and painted my way up to an impressionist Dachshund (step 4) that felt really good to me. This dog had come to life out of brush strokes of paint tones on canvas. The process had been slow. In October I had moved my studio from the house to a cottage in Old Town Spring. In between family commitments, other commissions and gallery responsibilities, I continued to paint on Jenny. By December, I had added the cap modeled after photos showing the client's requested tartan plaid.

I rather liked this version of Jenny--Modern Impressionism. Free flowing paint that produced an image almost as a sculptor would have carved form out of a block of stone. 

For this artist, satisfaction with a painting is based as much on process as it is based on the finished image. My muse said, "Aha, this is it!" However, my client didn't think so. He requested changes in the colors of Jenny's fur, collar, and also the cap. 

Christmas loomed ahead. I had a portrait of three children to complete ... and more. I would not get back to Jenny's portrait until well after the holidays. My muse stalled.