Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puppy Love Airedale Welsh Terrier dog pastel painting

When I first saw this puppy, it was love at first sight and I knew I had to paint it. National Airedale Rescue, Inc. saves these babes from a hobo life on the streets or even worse. As a founding member of Art Helping Animals, I am committed to help homeless pets, one animal at a time, all over the USA.

Think you know Airedales? They are so pristine and have a sophisticated look of high-class and quality when cared for, but on the streets they do look rather like homeless children. Please click on this link to see before and after images of life on the streets and after rescue ... and decide to help just one Airedale by purchasing this pastel painting.

My pastel paintings are strokes of pure color on archival toned pastel paper. You can't get any purer color than with soft pigment of Rembrandt pastel sticks.  

"Puppy Love" is matted and framed in wood and ready to hang. You see it on my studio wall in the image on the right. I've included a clearer image below, but even that doesn't show the real beauty in this work of art. "Puppy Love" needs to find it's forever-after-home just as the homeless Airedales need to find theirs. By moving into your home, this painting will generate a 20% donation to National Airedale Rescue and Adoption.

Puppy Love, Airedale Welsh Terrier

Impressionist pastel painting
Framed to 9x12 inches
Mat opening 6x9 in. 
Wood frame. 
Super Valentine's Day Gift for an Airedale Terrier owner.  Say "I Love You" to your Valentine and also to homeless pets.
Media: pastel on Canson Mi Tientes
Size: mat opening is 6x9 in. (15.2 cm X 22.9 cm), 9x12 frame includes mat and glazing
Price: $130 USD
Portion of sale will be donated to National Airedale Rescue and Adoption to help care for one rescued dog.
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$55 unframed at STUDIO SALE. Click here.

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