Monday, May 11, 2009

Dalmatian Landscape, Work-in-Progress

See finished painting in May 12 post above.

May 11.   Painting progress was slow last week while I took a few days off to spend some time with family. I have moved to the foreground to add detail to the Texas bluebonnets. Now that the first layers of paint are dry to the touch, I will work my way through the detail of this painting.  I will post the final painting here as well as to the Art Helping Animals gallery blog and will name the charity at that time. To view a larger image, just click on the Dalmatian.

April 30.   I've added more paint to the Dalmatian painting-- background trees and sky, the beginnings of Texas bluebonnets in shades of purple and blue, and spots on Jesse. This is oil on 12"x16" stretched linen. If I have a good painting session on Friday, I'll be able to post the final version on Saturday. 

This is my third recent painting on linen. I like it so much that I'll be using Belgian linen frequently for future paintings.

April 29.   My current Art Helping Animals work-in-progress is this Dalmatian landscape with a lot of creative development yet to happen. This image shows only the first layer of local color with a thinned oil paint. Next I'll start brushing strokes of thicker paint to build the illusion of 3-D perspective on the stretched linen canvas. Click on the image to see enlarged detail.

You'll see more of this in two or three days. I hope to post the finished painting on Friday or Saturday.  A portion of the proceeds on this one will help homeless Dalmatians. 

Thanks so much to Emily for providing inspiration for this painting of Jesse.

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