Friday, June 19, 2009

KITTY LOVE, Tabby cat and toy

No longer available, I have gifted this painting to my grandson, whose kitty it is.  I would be happy to paint you one in a similar style with the charity donation to Tabby's Place as mentioned below.

ART.  "Kitty Love" wash and line in watercolor w/ink on 5x7 inch Stonehenge paper

LIFE.  Last night was another late night painting until past midnight. Although I had good intentions of sleeping late this morning, at 5:20 am Gimp, like clockwork, began to meow at the bedroom, and I was awake again after a mere five hours. When Gimp heard me stirring he stopped his incessant crying. His wails are not those of a cat but a small child's call for "Mama-Mama". On a typical day, I don't mind the early awakenings. Dawn is my favorite time of day, but last night I needed a little more rest. Truly the cat believes I'm his mother. There is much love in his eyes and affection in his heart. His touch is tender, and he loves to hold "paws" with me. The beautiful part of living with Gimp is the kitty love. 

Today's Blessing: A cat in the house and bird songs in the air.

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