Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WAS-H: Arts in Medicine

ART.  Tuesday was my first day to paint with the kids at Texas Children's Cancer Center. The WAS-H program is called AIM: Arts in Medicine. WAS-H stands for Watercolor Arts Society - Houston.  It's fun to paint with children ... or even to sit and watch them paint.  The young ones are uninhibited and creative and brave with color. One little girl--she must have been about three years old--always started with yellow. Her second color was purple. She seemed intuitively drawn to those two complementary colors, and without guidance she created a wonderful abstract watercolor painting of yellow, purple and bright green. She picked up her painting and handed it to me gingerly, and as I took the painting our eyes met. I smiled. She smiled. I placed it on the countertop to dry. She started another painting with yellow and purple. 

I arrived early enough to snap a photo before the children started to paint. The painting space is in the recessed area to the right and stretches along that back wall through two arched openings. It's a cheerful space and the children's paintings are hung on clotheslines along the back wall. I'm always drawn to the architecture of medical spaces. At the University of Houston, I did focused study on the design of medical clinics, and studied them more during the term of my architectural internship. Painted Cows are abundant in the Texas Children's Cancer Center. They are all different and all colorful.  This one has the words "The End" painted beneath the cow's tail.

LIFE.  My favorite clothes to wear are my paint t-shirt and jeans. They are worn, comfortable, familiar and speckled with spots of paint. When I paint daily, they become my uniform ... AND they are old enough that they were Made in the USA!  It's a label I can't find on any clothes in a retail department store these days. I keep looking for it. If I had time, I would resort to sewing again, but I'd rather paint. Be assured that my paintings are made in the USA.

Today's Blessing: HEALTHY CHILDREN.

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