Sunday, July 26, 2009

Green Apples and Tulips


Green Apples and Tulips
16 x 20 inch oil on canvas
© Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2009
Ready to Frame

at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX
April 10 - May 15, 2010

ART.  I painted this still life plein aire at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2009. I've committed a portion of a sale as a donation to Texas Children's Cancer Center. Tuesday morning I'll be driving into Houston to paint with the young cancer survivors at Texas Children's. This is the AIM program through WAS-H Watercolor Art Society Houston.  

LIFE.  This has been quite a summer with poison ivy in June and an infected cat bite on my ankle in July. In four more days, I'll be finished with the antibiotics. I am on the mend and nearly completely healed. Eighty-five percent (85%) of all cat bites cause major infection, I learned, and I must be highly susceptible to the bacteria in a cat's mouth as this is my second experience with infection from a cat bite. The first was a bite on my finger many years ago. Their piercing teeth act like a hypodermic needle injecting bacteria deep into your bloodstream. I was bitten by my docile, gentle pet cat while I was napping on the sofa in front of TV. Who knows why he bit me, maybe to wake me, and he surely did that! The pain was the stabbing pain of a deep wound and started to swell immediately.  My physician told me if I get bitten ever again to get in for medical help within 20 minutes of the bite. I will have lost almost a whole month from July 3rd - July 29th. Many people end up in the hospital on IV meds. If you're a cat owner, watch out for bites. I am so glad to be nearly done with that and back to painting again. 

Today's Blessing: The boys both visited me last week, and we had lots of activity and fun. Thank God for giving me just enough energy to get through the week and time to enjoy my grandsons.

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