Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunflower Saturday WIP.2

ART. Yesterday's painting continued.

3a. The experiment continued as I dropped more paint on the cotton canvas. Watercolor floats on the surface of a cotton canvas and lets the artist push the paint around or very easily lift or wipe it off. I added alizarin crimson wet into wet on the sunflower centers and started to add a touch of green in leaf areas.

3b. This perspective shows the canvas edges which were probably the hardest part of this painting experiment as the paint edges kept dripping, and if I turned the canvas on its side, the paint on the main surface dripped and ran. I could have let the surface dry before painting the edges but I wanted to keep them all within the same color wash that I was using.

4. Next step ... add burnt umber to the flower centers, chromium oxide green in leaf areas, and more orange to sunflower petals working the canvas edges simultaneously. I think I just like to create challenges for myself. As I painted, I realized I wanted more contrast with the background.

5. I switched to a smaller brush, much smaller, and picked up ultramarine blue which I sort of feathered on to the canvas in a dry-brush fashion. I'll show you more of this tomorrow, but this is where I left the painting on Saturday about noon.

I have much more in my mind that I want to do with these sunflowers. They are looking a little too tame to be an experimental painting. I could go one of two ways: make a watercolor painting on cotton canvas look more realistic, or go completely wild and do something out of the box. I am leaning towards the latter, and my mind is thinking of different ways to paint sunflowers in the future.

Today's Blessing: A quiet weekend. A chance to rest. A day for me.

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