Monday, October 19, 2009


ART.  This morning I began an Impressionist oil painting of the goats. Here is a small section of the canvas. I am painting loosely on this one focusing primarily on colors and my impression of the goat landscape. 

The Dutch Art Gallery reception on Saturday was fun. I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with a few of the artists and the gallery owners, as well as the public who came in to view paintings. The Dutch Art Gallery is brimming over with art. This show will be up through the end of November and may be extended into December, so if you're in the area of Dallas, look up the Dutch Art Gallery at 10233 E NorthWest Highway and view the many various paintings on exhibit.


Here are four Daily Painters of Texas caught on camera. From left to right: Judy Mackey, Kay Wyne, Vernita Bridges-Hoyt, and Nancy Medina.

Today's Blessing: Friends.

Texas Sauce Studio

V. Bridges-Hoyt
"Painting the Sauce of Texas"
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