Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings. SMALL ART GIFTS. Border Collie Smile 9051.

ART.  vbh-9051  |  Border Collie Smile.
4x6 inches. Watercolor and ink illustration. Wash and line.

Postcard painting with square corners can be mounted on mat board and framed to a larger size. Original painting. 

LIFE.  Today is a beautiful November day in southeast Texas, so beautiful that I had the windows open while I oil painted this morning. I wish I could show you my process on the commissioned piece, but if the gift recipient stumbled on the blog, the Christmas surprise would be spoiled.

The kids are coming this weekend for an early Thanksgiving family dinner.  I've lots and lots of work to do before the weekend, groceries to buy, house to declutter and clean, laundry piling up, etc. but I am inspired. It will be the first Thanksgiving dinner the kids and I have shared at home in a few years.  I am really looking forward to sharing this time with kids and grandchildren.

Brooke, who again was my model for the painting above, is outside enjoying this beautiful weather. Last time I looked, she was sprawled on the patio soaking in the sunshine. Dogs don't get into the work mode. Sometimes I wonder if they are smarter than people. Brooke certainly seems to smell the roses (or petunias) more frequently than I do.  Emulating the studio dog might be a good idea.

Today's Blessing:  Painting this morning has centered me and given me energy to fulfill the rest of the day's work. As I've said before, the process of painting is meditation time.

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