Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tribute to Veteran's Day: Expressive Oil Painting of Boxer holding American Flag

THE PATRIOT, detail of the Boxer's face
ART.   He looks like an army or marine corps sergeant.  Big and tough with a fierce look on his face, Yoshi the Boxer has a patriotic soul and waves a flag in honor of veterans, living and dead.  

Today we remember fallen military who fought for our freedom and honor those soldiers fighting for world peace today

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Sale of this painting will generate a $75 donation to Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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oil on canvas  •  THE PATRIOT  •  14x11 inches

Yoshi is my son's dog and has modeled for several of my paintings. That tongue of his is longer than shows here. The little bit you see is what hangs out of his mouth when he thinks the tongue is all inside of his mouth.

I have learned to love Boxers after meeting Yoshi.  He shows a lot of love for his family. He's so ugly that he's actually beautiful.  He is the one dog that was able to win over Miss Brooke who tries to be bossy and tell everybody else what to do and where to stand (the Border Collie herding instinct). Yoshi towers over Brooke and when she starts to get bossy by growling, Yoshi just licks her in the face with that long, long tongue of his and kills her with kindness.  What a lesson we could all learn from that.  

THE PATRIOT, detail of the Boxer's eye

The old masters were known for recycling and painting over other works. It's a practice I use when I have a painting that doesn't necessarily work for me. The Patriot was painted on a recycled canvas over an old painting that lacked good energy.  Metaphorically speaking, good hearted Yoshi has licked the old painting with his tongue, and this new painting now has the good-hearted energy of Yoshi the Boxer.

Today's Proverb:
A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need. --Proverbs 17:17