Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On Being Fearless

ART. After shaking the living daylights out of Teddy, Scooby is all tuckered out. Puppies are fearless when backed up by a daddy man. Scooby's 'mommy' has granted me permission to sketch and paint from her photos of Scooby. I'm doing a series of mini's to find my groove before I start the larger painting.

All Tuckered Out 
wash and line 
on Arches 140# cp paper, white

2.5x3.5 inches 

Border Collie Pup
2.5x3.5 inches 

Want your black and white dog painted?
This one is sold.

Today's Quote:
On Being Fearless
... I also recognize that part of my job as a Christian is to recognize that I may not always be right, that God doesn't speak to me alone.... And I guess I think to myself, you know, I have to struggle a little bit more and admit that certain human fallibility, and not assert my unyielding confidence that I always know the truth.

--Barack Obama, U.S. senator [quoted from the book SUCCESS edited by J. Pincott ©2005 by Random House, Inc.]

Note: Barack Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. He was elected on the Democratic ticket.