Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Portrait Colored Pencil Art Progress Image #2

Baby Portrait in Progress
colored pencil
4x4 inches

ART. I was in the studio early this morning to work again on the portrait of Alexis. Here is my progress from today's session. The portrait is a colored pencil 'painting' which amounts to many layers of colored pencil applied with a very light touch. As the different colored pencils are layered, the features are modeled. The portrait starts to pop as the darkest darks are laid in place, which is where I am on this portrait today. I like to work all of a painting up to the same level overall (something I learned in Architecture College when rendering a project) whereas some artists will do the drawing and then work from left to right (or right to left) rendering one section of the painting complete before moving on to the next feature. There is no right or wrong way to the process, but bringing the painting up to an overall level works best for me. As you see, I have not worked on the clothing except to apply a first layer of local color. Clothing will be the next studio session, and then I will come back to the face for whatever else the portrait might need.

The portrait is small, measuring only 4x4 inches from paper edge to edge, but the original photo I am working from is even smaller. The baby's head (including hat) measures only 1x1 inch as the photo is one of those teeny wallet size photos. I scanned the photo at a high resolution and still had trouble seeing the detail in the facial features, so out came the magnifying glass to view the original photo. I hope there will be at least some likeness to baby Alexis. Of course, she is older now and babies do change their looks as they grow.  Hopefully, this portrait will be finished over the weekend. Click on this link to see the first progress image.