Sunday, January 2, 2011

Growing Puppy

LIFE. Boxer puppy Thor is now 14 weeks old and has recovered nicely from the stomach surgery although we are still watching the incision heal. He is comparable to a toddler in the "terrible twos" where the toddler says "no" to everything and anything. One day I think I have him potty trained, the next day is  "no" all over again. Thor is asserting his independence and working to establish dominance over the larger (for now) border collie. Thor is not influenced by pink or blue colors, and the pink bunny is one of his favorite toys. I wonder how long this bunny will last with the two dogs pulling it in opposite directions. 

Thor and Brooke
14 weeks ~ 12+ years
I have taken a few days off over New Year's and Christmas so haven't finished paintings of the 12 Days as timely as planned. At first I felt behind but then remembered that really I am ahead by one year with the Twelve Days of Christmas cards for next December 2011. Nor have I forgotten about my demonstration video. The video for my 2nd Annual FREE Painting Giveaway will be posted soon. In January I will be back at the easel painting for my next exhibit—to be announced.