Thursday, February 3, 2011

Texas Aggie Dog, watercolor painting progress #2

ART. If Degas' statement above is true, then I ought to be just about ready to do good things, because I'm not sure at all that I know what I am doing.

This image is the 2nd progress photo of Buster, the Texas Aggie. I decided to put the (ghosted) Academic Building in the background. I used to work in that building in another life that feels like centuries ago.  Really I thought I would be finishing this one today, but I didn't. While the watercolor paints dry, maybe I can get the first wash of color on the canvas for my next oil painting.

 LIFE.  Hardly seems possible that my blog and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together on January 27. Time surely is slipping by quickly.  January is over. February blew in with a blizzard even in southeast Texas. Nineteen degrees with a 4 degree windchill factor is just too cold for this Texas gal. I'm used to reasonably warm weather in the wintertime. I am so thankful to have a warm house. I hope the rest of you are keeping warm as I know a lot of you have it much colder than we have it here.