Saturday, May 28, 2011


... just pay attention to the ground beneath your feet and the task right in front of you. —Capricorn, 25 May 2011.
ART. Saturday my focus was the boxer on the drawing board. I have completed the detail in Queenty's face and moved on to finish painting the body. The eyes have come to life, and the face has that loose and flowing look that I am after in this painting. More to come....

LIFE. Advice worth repeating, "Just pay attention to the ground beneath your feet and the task right in front of you." Stay focused on one task at a time. I've decided there are too many tasks on my To Do List. While the painting dries, I need to move to the next task on the list, but I'm so tempted to take a nap. 

The weather is so hot here today that the dogs can't stay outside for more than a few minutes at a time. The backyard thermometer registers 98 degrees F. in the shade. I don't ever remember May being this hot in Texas. Southeast Texas (Greater Metropolitan Houston) is a semi-tropical climate typically. This year it will become a desert if we don't have rain soon. The soil in the flower beds is dry and cracking. I would have expected Houston's typical black gumbo soil to crack but not the sandy loam found in the forests on the north side.  I water one day; the next day the grass and beds are thirsty again.

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