Saturday, June 11, 2011

Less routine. More life.

"The less routine, the more life." —Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888), USA.

I returned home from Chicago and Oak Park with 1,014 photos (plus or minus). Seeing all the fabulous architecture and beautiful old homes reminded me that I miss designing buildings. Seeing the historical paintings in the Chicago Art Institute reminded me how much I love painting. I decided that I will paint from many of my photos as reference. You may see a cityscape or two or three alongside flowers, zoo animals, the river and landscapes.

The photo above shows nine of us from the Artcolony who met in Chicago for an artists' retreat.  From left to right (back row) you see Debbie, Janie, Cindy, Kaaren, Vernita (aka Nita at the Artcolony), Janet, (and front row) Mary, Ellie, and Mollie.  The photo was taken on our last day at Mary's house in River Forest. Marilyn had to leave a day early so missed being in this photo.

But here is another photo of eight of us at breakfast waiting on our food. Marilyn is included in this one. Here you see (left front to back) Mollie, Debbie, Vernita, Ellie, and (right front to back) Cindy, Marilyn, Janie and Janet.

It was so good to have a break in my regular routine and meet up with nine other friends from the Artcolony blog. Three of us had previously met each other. Meeting the other six was like icing on the cake. We all felt as though we knew each other personally through our blog friendships, but it was only through this retreat that I heard the nine of their voices for the first time. There is no way I could describe the fun we had. We walked or rode the EL through Oak Park and Chicago, so we got lots of exercise, drank lots of water, and ate lots of good food! I came home feeling so alive.



  1. Sounds like a fun , fun time & a real boost to your painting ideas & enthusiasm. I see lots of new paintings in your future.

  2. Nita, I feel the very same way about our new found feelings toward eachother...what a trip that was. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you paint from all those got some good ones.

  3. Wonderful Nita! [you sound revived!] So great to see you all there in one place and to put names to faces after all this time :-)

  4. Linda, Mollie and Jean ... Yes, I came home renewed and inspired to paint. One must be careful on arrival home. In only a few days of routine, one's enthusiasm wanes if not careful and determined. Life has a way of putting a toe in the door. However, I will prevail. :) :D


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