Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where's the Rainbow?

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." —Gilbert K. Chesterton

ART.  A brand new painting "Sunflower Blue #3" is up for auction at
Another painting up for auction is "Galveston Jetty" painted shortly before Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas a couple of years ago.

On Wednesday, my recently completed "A Taste of Texas" watermelon #1 sold through  (If you the buyer are reading, I thank you again.) The painting will ship on Friday or Saturday of this week as soon as the varnish is dry.

LIFE.  Sometimes when it rains on your parade, it's all you can do to stand with head bowed in the blowing rain, much less look up for a rainbow. Other times that rainstorm knocks you so flat on your back, there is nothing to do but lay there and look up toward the sky. As you recover the breath that was knocked out of you, you slowly start to look for a rainbow of hope, a rainbow of color, some reason for living. If you wait long enough, the rain stops, the skies clear, and the color appears. Ten years ago I was knocked down by a frightful rainstorm. The rainbow of color appeared for me when I started to paint again.

Lung cancer took my husband's life 10 years ago. He wanted me to write a book about his journey through that last year. I haven't been able to take myself down that road again to even think about writing a book. Parts of it are fresh in my mind. Other parts are blocked from immediate memory. To write about his journey would pull up all the pain and grief.

If sharing his experience would stop one person from smoking ...

However, people are where they are. In the first year I tried talking to a few smokers one by one. No one cared. Each had the attitude, "It won't happen to me." I hate to burst your bubble, but chances are if you're a smoker, it will happen to you. You'll put yourself, your family and loved ones through hell trying to cure the cancer after the fact—way too late if you're in stage 4 when diagnosed—and most times lung cancer is not diagnosed until it has advanced through the body. In the case of lung cancer, the best cure is prevention.

My plea is—if you smoke ... Stop It ... Now!