Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunrise Pink Cow, Transparent Watercolor

ART. The cow painting is now finished. This colorful piece is fun. The backlit cow turns away from the sunrise to look at us as though saying, "Good Moor-ning!" 

watercolor on Arches 140# cp paper
10x10 inches
© Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2011

This painting is available for purchase through The Back Room at my Etsy gallery

LIFE. Several years back my son gifted me with a set of Dr. Ph. Martin liquid watercolor paints. The paints are stored in little bottles and the cap contains a dropper for filling your palette. Actually, you don't fill the well of a palette—you only place a drop or two or three and add water to dilute the paint to the strength or weakness that you want to use on your paper. The liquid paints are concentrated in the bottle. 
Progress Image

I had not used these paints since right after they were given to me, so I decided I wanted to try them again. I am liking them much better this time. My artist son can capture the purest, brightest transparent pigments when he paints with the Dr. Ph. Martin liquid watercolors. I am not having such an easy time as he, but I can see that with practice I will become better with their application. So thank you again for the Dr. Ph. Martin paints, Sean!

You can click on the above image and view a larger version enough to see the palette closely and the painting of the cow. I added a few clouds in the sky since my last post. If you notice the palette, you'll see that I've only used five paint colors. I much prefer working with a limited palette on all my paintings. Talk with you tomorrow.

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