Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dreaming of Sunflowers while Clearing the Flower Garden.

Take one small step in the direction of your dreams.
—Cindi Haynes

nodp - #110919 Sunflower - Work in Progress
I want and need to get back to my daily painting studies. The sunflower painting in progress is one small step toward my dreams. I'll show you the completed painting tomorrow.

While the A/C repairman was here this morning, I practiced the ABC's of trimming overgrown limbs from the back flower beds. A—for Azaleas. B—for red Buds growing wildly everywhere. C—for Crepe myrtles.  One thing led to another and soon I was sawing off the azalea bushes that died in the Texas drought this summer only to find baby redbud trees and too tall crepe myrtles. This, too, is a start—a small step in the right direction. I want sunflowers growing next Spring.

[Apologies for the incomplete blog post that went out yesterday. That was "human error" as I clicked the publish button instead of the draft button. I'll try not to do that again, but mistakes will happen.]

Today's Blessing— Thank the Lord. Rain is falling in Texas! We needed it so. All your prayers and rain dances worked.

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