Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sketch of Table and Two Chairs

Table and Two Chairs
© V. Bridges Hoyt 2012
From my sketchbook, a contour line drawing study of a table and two chairs. I like the way this study is going and may develop this one into a painting.

The Bedroom by Vincent van Gogh
As I finished the table and chairs contour line drawing, I decided to study the linework in Van Gogh's painting of The Bedroom, and I think I'll add some color to the table and chairs sketch to see what happens. 

I have another small daily painting in the works on my easel this morning. Hopefully, I can post it here tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out for Cheryl Hamilton's new rodeo (western) reversible apron. Joyce Roth will be joining soon with a few vintage collectible items to offer.

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V. Bridges Hoyt


  1. Nita! This sketch is so wonderful and fluid! I just love it!!! It is beautiful just as it is! You are so good at line drawing and capturing the essence of what is there...well this is a beauty!!!

    1. Well, A BIG THANKS to you for that very nice comment left on my blog. You may be seeing more of these kinds of drawings. They are relatively quick to do and I could use the practice anyway.


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