Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue Sky over Wildflowers

Wednesday night I got back to the small daily painting. This is #7 of my Texas Landscape series. Each miniature piece of this series is oil painted with a palette knife on Arches 140# cp paper, and each painting is 100% out of my imagination or memory, therefore they are all painted in an expressionist or impressionist style. When you purchase one of my paintings, you are collecting a piece of my soul.

Texas Landscape #7: Blue Sky over Wildflowers.
© V. Bridges Hoyt 2012.
In times of stress, an artist can find herself blocked. The muse runs away and hides.  I think even in a block I would never forget how to paint as that is a part of me (maybe that is me), but I do become time-challenged because I think that I am Woman and can do it all. I take on more responsibility than any one person should ever try to carry. Did I mention that I am Capricorn who tries to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders? Hmmm ... Capricorn ... I am Woman ... No wonder I can't find enough studio time. 

This is my solution. When I am experiencing low studio energy/time, I focus on small daily paintings from my heart. It matters not what they look like, just that they are paint on paper or canvas. In those times I try to paint freely, looser with no preconceived plan or idea. This practice expands an hour into a timeless zone of space and replenishes my soul energy. I have no deadlines. No constraints. No requirements. The painting then is more like play. So for those of you who think you forgot how or never knew how to paint, just go play with paints for fun today. Let the colors wash over your soul. In times of stress, painting wildly from imagination can be freeing. 

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V. Bridges Hoyt