Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunflower Doll Oil Painting Coupon Code

If you have Liked my Facebook art page, you know that I began de-cluttering the studio over the weekend. You may or may not know that my 96 year old father has been living with me since January. I won't be painting for awhile, but I'll be happy if I can put in 15 minutes of time per day on the studio project. says I can do it all in 15 minute increments. As I completed yesterday's task, I realized that I have much more painting inventory in the studio than I previously thought. I'm going to show you a few pieces as I decide what to do with them. You will probably recall seeing some of the paintings previously, but I plan to give you more of a narrative with each painting this time around.

The paintings above are Sunflower Doll and Cardinal Spring. Both are oil paint on canvas. I show these paintings together to demonstrate relative size (16x20 and 10x8) and also how my paintings in seemingly different colors can hang side by side in harmony. That is because I use the same color palette in all my paintings. The blue you see in the doll painting is the same blue you see in the Cardinal painting, and the pink of the doll's dress relates to the pink Japonica buds as well as to the pure red used on the Cardinal bird. This practice of using the same oil palette creates a color relationship between all my paintings no matter the subject. The color palette is what ties all my paintings together.

Sunflower Doll is painted on 16 x 20 inch canvas panel and is framed. The doll was painted several years ago in a Bruce Williamson workshop in Houston. A year or so later I decided the composition needed more than just the doll. I painted pink roses in the background but didn't like them (too much pink), so I covered that with the darker background paint and repainted my signature sunflowers in a blue vase in the background. The composition is much better now and the blue complements the sunny yellow of the sunflowers and the doll's blonde hair. Now the doll's face and pink dress come forward as the center of interest.  

I have decided to list Sunflower Doll for sale at my Etsy shop for last year's price; however, if you're reading this blog and want the painting, you can save even more by using coupon code DOLL50 that will give my blog readers another 50% off last year's price. Enter the coupon code at checkout. Sunflower Doll includes the wood frame which I gold-leafed myself. This painting is ready to hang. Click here to view my  Etsy shop listing of Sunflower Doll.

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V. Bridges Hoyt