Friday, April 20, 2012

Boxer and Kitchen Towel Mission Statements

ART. Thor, the Norse doG of Thunder, plays with whatever he finds at the moment. At 70 lbs. (plus or minus) Thor thinks he is still a little lap puppy. What a baby face!

Boxer with Blue Dishtowel
pastel on board
5x7 inches
Yes, this is my dear little one (my big little one). I have so many photos of Thor that will make great painting references, and I know him inside out as he had a life saving emergency stomach surgery when he was less than 12 weeks old. Obviously, the surgery was successful. We bonded deeply during his recovery time.

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LIFE. Creating a personal mission statement
If I were asked about my personal mission statement I would answer it always has been to "build a better world" on some small scale. Painting is my passion, but after reading the article at the link above, I decided I might want to narrow my painting focus.

Thor pup, on the other hand, is focused and clear about his mission statement. His mission is fairly simple and obvious: (1) to have a full tummy, to be happy and playful and (2) to wiggle-waggle his little nub of a tail so that his body wiggles all up and down and makes me laugh out loud. Border Collie Brooke's mission statement is to bark and nip to keep Thor pup in line.

The link above is all about how to know or recognize your personal mission in life. Maybe you will enjoy reading the article also.