Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day by Day

I wake in the night to his coughing and find it difficult falling back asleep. One of his meds does list side effects of a dry cough. That must be the cause. The physicians find no reason for the cough. I wonder why each necessary med causes another problem.

Day by day I watch my father grow older. Why is it some people live to 96+ and some die at 82 and some at 62, and children are lost without ever sampling more than a few years of life. Life and death seem so random yet a voice in the back of my head says there is a plan, a hope, a faith we hold on to for the day to day living. 

In December 2005, just a few days before my mother would die unexpectedly, I blogged about Love. Looking back, I see that my post was only seven days before her death. It is curious how those messages come to mind. Here is the link.