Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dachshund has Enchanted Evening in Flower Garden

Enchanted Evening
palette knife, ala prima oil painting on canvas
14 x 11 inches
ready to frame

Enchanted Evening

ART.  Some Dachshund is having an enchanted evening in the flower garden.  Enchanted Evening is painted in my Texas version of Impressionism.  Painted alla prima (all in one session), Enchanted Evening was painted with a palette knife and features lots of texture. The oil painting will fit directly in a 14 x 11 inch frame. 

Click image to view detail.
I have always liked this dreamy, impressionist painting. When I see the little Dachshund pup dressed in evening clothes and smelling the deep red flowers, I am reminded of that Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the movie South Pacific—Some Enchanted Evening, You may see a Stranger.... The song is stuck in my mind now. I'll be humming it all evening long.

Enchanted Evening was painted in 2009 and was inspired by a Dachshund photo taken by Jamie Thompson of her precious BellaGlyn. Although I used much artistic license in my interpretation of BellaGlyn, I obtained written permission before using Jamie's photo for reference. Jamie has seen and approved the painting.

I always wonder what makes a painting sell when it does. Two other of my paintings from 2009 have recently sold. Maybe the timing is right for Enchanted Evening to find a wall and a home of its own and to help Dachshund rescue at the same time.

of palette knife texture on dog's face and bow trim on neck

of palette knife texture
on edge of flower and dog's clothing


The following piece was written in December 2009 after the painting was completed. In light of our  July 2012 rains in the greater Houston area, the story holds meaning today as it did when first written. There is only the mention of Border Collie Brooke as Thor Boxer pup had not yet come into our lives.

LIFE.  December 2009.  Tuesday afternoon I drove to South Houston on business and had dinner with an art patron and friend. As we ate, the rain started to fall, the sky grew darker, and after dinner ...
I found myself driving from South Houston to North Houston on a shiny, wet freeway system of slick pavement. What is typically a one hour drive took over two hours on the return trip. Needless to say, the drive was quite stressful.  I will never understand the numbers of drivers who speed on wet, slick highways. I slowed to avoid several cars cutting across three lanes at top break-neck speeds. I thought surely the 18-wheeler truck drivers would know not to speed on wet pavement. Apparently not ... or they just don't care about the pile-up that happens if they hit their brakes and jack knife on wet highways. I was as glad to get home as Border Collie Brooke was to see me. She had been outside in clear weather when I left home and had managed to stay mostly dry by huddling down on the rug by the back door under the breezeway. We both scurried inside the house to get warm. The rain still falls. Snow is predicted for Friday. It's beginning to look like we will skip the Fall season and move right on into Winter. That's Houston for you.

Today's Blessing:  A safe trip home.

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