Friday, October 5, 2012

Bailey Boxer Pet Portrait

BAILEY BOXER, watercolor, 10x8 inches.
Click image to view larger detail.

Last night I placed the final brush stroke on the painting of Bailey Boxer. Bailey took some time since I painted her in 15 or 20 minute increments over more than a month. Bailey is the second "Pay It Forward" promised painting I've completed from my list made almost two years ago. My next painting off this list will be a sunflower. As I said, these paintings are typically slow since I paint them in found minutes.

The painting of Bailey began with a freehand graphite sketch. Creating freehand allows me to capture the subject's personality. Besides, I enjoy the challenge of striking a good likeness through my own hand. Maybe you thought that all works of art are created freehand. They are not.  Many artists follow the practice of tracing a photograph to place not only the contour lines but also the color markings, shadow and light markings on their paper or canvas before filling in the areas with paint. That is just another method that is used to create paintings in today's busy world. To each his own methods. "Different strokes for different folks." In the case of artists, we can take that quote literally. [need a smiley face here]

These small paintings and bits and pieces I have been showing you in my last posts have basically been warmups before I could get back to painting portrait commissions. Finding my muse after Dad's death in May has been difficult. Two weeks ago I was at the funeral of my Aunt Mollie. Last Friday I said goodbye to my good friend and loyal companion Border Collie Brooke as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. With the completion of Bailey Boxer, I do feel ready to paint portraits again.