Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Houston, We Have Lift Off

I first came to Houston in the summer of 1966, then moved back to College Station until making a permanent move in 1968. Excluding a short 6-year stint in metro Dallas, Houston has been my home for a net 39 years. Yikes, I didn't think I was that old yet! In my mind, I am not. I am still working and painting and don't know that I ever will retire if the world cooperates and my customers continue to place orders. Enough about me. Back to Houston. 

Houston, We Have Lift Off!
dog art • watercolor and ink • 5x7 inches
#13009. SOLD

With NASA Johnson Space Center located just south of the city, Houston became known as Houston - Space City USA. Others tried to utilize the popularity of the name. [A proposed theme park-to-be in Alabama, Space City USA, never was completed.] Although I fail to find a reference to Space City on the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor's Bureau website, the City of Houston always will be associated with Space City USA in my mind.

I am still painting boxer dogs to benefit boxer rescue organizations. Here is a link to the most recent one completed of a boxer named Houston.

One Painting a Day: Houston, We Have Lift Off: 13009.   COLLECTED!   Thank you for making this donation possible!  HOUSTON Boxer . Watercolor wash and Ink line on Crescent board, 5x7 inc...