Monday, April 1, 2013

Lullaby Baby

Sketchbook Art.

13020-sk. LULLABY BABY.

Today's 10-minute sketch. Pen and Ink. 8.5 x 5.5 inches. 

This work took longer to scan and upload than to sketch. I began with a Micron .005 ink pen and drew a quick contour line around the head, then sketched in features. As I sketched features I realized I needed to make corrections on the size and shape of the head. The .005 ink pen draws a very fine line and I keep drawing new lines to get them where I want. Part of the beauty of ink line sketching is no erasing, so every line shows and creates a history of the sketch process. Once I had all my lines and cross-hatching in place, I came back with the Micron brush pen to lay in the darkest darks. All done in a 10-minute sketchbook session. 

Without erasing and trying to be perfect, I can sketch more quickly and end up with a looser, freehand drawing, and that is the beauty of a daily sketchbook.

As a child, I was reprimanded for daydreaming. Today my daydreams morph into paintings.
V. Bridges Hoyt — painting the sauce of Texas.