Monday, October 14, 2013

Follow Me, In Retrospect

Here we are at mid-October. Seems like the year just began. I looked back to see what I first posted in January 2013 and found the Red Calves oil painting. That painting sold immediately. I began to paint another. To date, I haven't finished it. Time has flown. A standard theme in my blogging process has been about the "elusive time" that slips away. In hopes that I will be inspired to finish that second cow and calf painting, here is a peek at the work in progress. Maybe it is closer to finished than I expected. Sometimes I think I overwork paintings instead of leaving them in that painterly stage. "Follow Me" will take a bit more paint, but I will leave it in my style of Texas Impressionism ... a little less real and a little more fun. The work in progress ... 

All the cows and calf paintings connect directly to a memory of my dad. He knew what he was doing when he took me along on those pickup rides through the pasture to feed his cattle — he was creating memories. 

While I wasn't working on this painting, I was working on other projects. I do miss my regular, daily studio time. 2013 has been another year of starts and stops, delays and postponements. There is a time for everything. 2013 was not the time. I hope soon I will get to paint with one of my artist cousins. 

I wonder if the following verse applies also to time. I think it must.

Use wisely what you have been given and you will be given more.  MATTHEW 25:29

As a child, I was reprimanded for daydreaming. Today my daydreams morph into paintings.
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