Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 2: Live Model Figure Sketches in Graphite Pencil

It feels good to be drawing again. 

This is the best 15 minute sketch from my efforts in the second lab of sketching from a live model.  Fifteen minutes isn't enough time for putting all the detail and shading in place after working up the figure proportions of the model. This model was sitting in a wicker chair. You can see her right arm resting on the invisible armchair. I like this pose and I think I will work up a more complete drawing of the model in this pose.

15-minute Sketch #6 of Live Model,
graphite pencil on Strathmore toned tan sketch paper, acid free 80 lb.,
14 L x 11 W inches,
15 minute Sketch #6 with sample 20x16 inch mat.  
I am offering these early figurative sketches at and the price is low for these originals. This one will be pretty matted and framed. See the sample matted image (mat not included).  This is a 20x16 inch off white mat I had in the studio on another piece. A narrow mold black wood or metal frame would complete the presentation of this drawing. 

If you need help with framing, I would be happy to mat and frame the image for you for the cost of materials + 25% handling fee. Contact me if interested.

The image below shows four of my 5-minute gesture sketches. I will probably be placing the gesture sketches all together like this in the future. 

This model was new and was a little stiff with some of her poses. She was pretty and had some beautiful lace-like tattoos, one on her chest and one on her right upper arm.  She changed into a ballerina tutu which was so cute.  I got some good photographs and will  come back to the tutu drawing in the future. 

Composite of Four 5-minute Gesture Sketches #1, #2, #3, #4 (top left to right),
graphite pencil on Strathmore toned tan sketch paper, acid free 80 lb.,
14 L x 11 W inches. 

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