Friday, January 2, 2015

Rottweiler Dogs in Texas Bluebonnets, watercolor art

This watercolor painting of Rottweiler dogs sitting in a field of bluebonnets was a commissioned painting to be used as a Christmas gift for the client's mother. I enjoyed painting this as it included so many of my favorite subjects, i.e. the dogs, the background landscape, and the field of Texas bluebonnet wildflowers.

Rotties in Texas Bluebonnets
watercolor 11x14 commissioned painting
© Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2014

There is a story with this painting. When I paint a commissioned piece for a client who plans to give the painting as a Christmas gift, I'm very careful to keep the painting under wraps until the gift has been given. However, I almost spilled the beans on this one. A couple or three nights before Christmas I had worked very late after a long day. I was tired, extremely tired, but decided to write my blog ahead of schedule. When I closed the compose window, I clicked "publish" instead of "save draft" and that was not a wise decision. The image went to G+, Daily Painters site, Facebook, and other places I never dreamed to find it. I searched and think I deleted all of them before the gift recipient saw the painting. Whew! Lesson learned: never, never post an image before I am ready for it to show up all over the internet.


To hear pronunciation of Rottweiler (and read a short description), click on the speaker icon at this dictionary link.

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