Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunflower Ready to Fly Solo. Frame and Ship. Spring is in the Air.

Sunflower Solo. Yellow on Blue.

Sunflower Solo • Oil on linen • 12 x 9 inches
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2015
I have painted for two weeks on sunflower Solo, the background going from almost white to pure cobalt blue then settling on a soft sky mix of cobalt blue and titanium white. This is one of those paintings that may never be finished; however, I will need to stop. Soon. 

Today the muse was with me. I painted with two additional hues of green on the leaves. Yes, I think Sunflower Solo is about ready to try her wings. 

This might be my last sunflower of the season before I move on to other subjects. 

Frame and Ship.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a beautiful frame at Jerry's Artarama, a frame that would be so beautiful on this painting … if the molding was deep enough to hold the canvas.  It is not.  One day this week I will be headed back to Jerry's for another frame, hopefully a frame in the same style and color of the one I liked so much. The good news is I now have an extra frame that will be perfect for my pastel painting of Mother's Bluebird. 

Spring is in the Air.

Spring is bursting out all over while March winds blow. I so want to work in my flower garden, but winds have kept me mostly inside the house. I know better than to expose myself to too much airborne pollen. Allergies abound. Even poor Thor Boxer boy has a runny nose and red eyes. Maybe in another week or two, the winds will die. Then I will get started in the flower garden before spring is gone and summer is here. We will enjoy this springtime. I hope you will.