Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Beginning

I love beginnings. I couldn't resist putting paint on a blank canvas, and I've made another beginning on a small gallery-wrap canvas. I'm using a white-on-white technique which is a different method for me. I haven't painted a pup in some time, but I'll let you watch the development of this one without me saying more than it is oil on canvas. I've no idea yet what to title it. I may need your help in naming this one.

© Vernita Bridges-Hoyt 2008
Quite by accident, I discovered that my blog is being covered by If you click here and then scroll down their site about half way, you'll see a link to my Beefmaster Bull Calf painting. My dad will be so tickled to hear this and know that his bull calf was listed right alongside the other Beefmaster stock for sale at $1200, $1800 and more.... hmmmmm, maybe a small price increase.
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