Friday, April 25, 2008

Texas Longhorn Steer and Border Collie Brooke

Flea season is upon us, and again Border Collie Brooke is suffering from flea allergies, grass and pollen allergies. I've never seen a dog suffer so with allergies. You'd think she was human ... well, she is almost human. Poor little thing has congestion that she frequently clears by sneezing -- big time sneezes. She sneezes almost like I do, three or five times in a row. She is good to let me wipe her nose with a tissue to keep it off the carpet, but I need to get her back to the vet for another allergy shot and some allergy meds. I am hoping this painting will sell quickly to pay for her vet and medicine bills.

Twenty percent (20%) will come off the top and go straight to True Blue Animal Rescue who initially rescued Brooke before she found her forever after home here with me.

The next 10% will be used to pay for PayPal transaction fees and shipping costs to get the painting to its new owner.

After the cost of paint and other art supplies are deducted from the funds, whatever is left will be used to pay Brooke's allergy and heartworm preventative meds. She is, of course, continually on the heartworm meds, but the allergies are seasonal. Other than allergies, Brooke is happy and continues to thrive.

© 2008 Vernita Bridges-Hoyt
Texas Longhorn Steer #3
original painting by Vernita Bridges-Hoyt
The Texas Longhorn is mascot of The University of Texas.
11"x14" oil on canvas
to a private collector in Houston, Texas

This is a detail of the painting. A little glare reflected from the wet paint will not be in the original.

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