Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cat of Many Colors, not Picasso

sketch detail showing face

Last night I tried a new paper with my pastel pencils, and I loved the feel of it. It is smooth. My pastel pencils glided over the surface with ease, and the brilliance of the colors on this paper is superb. This paper is made in Italy--Portofino acquerello, 100% cotton, 140 lb. hot pressed, acid free. It is described as being ideal for watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylic but worked perfectly for a pastel sketch, too. I will be using more of this paper.

My pastel sketch of the "Cat of Many Colors" is a life study. It had to be quick because I expected the cat wouldn't hold his pose for long, and he didn't. No sooner had I laid in the head, he moved it. Quickly I went to get the body proportions. I barely had the outline when he stood up and left the scene, so the rest of this life study was sketched from memory. This quick study catches the cat's essence. It doesn't try to be realistic in any way. It's a fun, colorful piece of art. This piece would be well presented with a colorful mat such as that shown below. I will include a mat (color may vary from that shown below) for the purchaser of this piece.

Cat of Many Colors
pastel pencil on 9"x12" aquarelle 140# paper
includes mat of artist's selection
$75 + shipping

15% of this sale 
will be donated to help 
Tabby's Place Cat Rescue, 
an Art Helping Animals approved cat rescue.

Not Georgia O'Keefe or Picasso, I still have painted the essence of this cat as I saw it. Please google 'Georgia O'Keefe cat art' or 'Picasso cat art' to see cats they have sketched, doodled or painted.

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